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Weihai IDENCODER Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd

By the name of Weihai Idencoder Electronic Technology Co., Ltd we are a technological enterprise, specializing in developing, producing and marketing Industrial encoders. Our Main Products: A. Incremental Encoder; B. Programmable Incremental Encoder; C. Single-turn and multi-turn Absolute Encoder with Parallel, SSI, Modbus, Profibus, Canopen and Profinet interface; D. Draw Wire Encoder; E. Manual Pulse Generator; F. Optical Encoder Kit; Encoder with PROFINET interface has filled a gap in domestic market in China. We have been offering equivalent replacement for several international brand, like Japan Koyo TRD-NA series, Japan OMRON E6 series, Germany P+F AVM58 series, ELCO EAC58 series, EAM58 series, SAMA58 series DAMA58 series, CAM58 series, SICK and Baumar encoders and so on. Contributing to the intelligent manufacture in China. IDENCODER has set her development goal as to be a leader in Chinese Encoder Manufacturing Industry and contribute to the New Age of Chinese Intelligent Manufacturing.

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