IDENCODER encoders have a wide utilization in Textile Machinery, Hoisting Machinery, Electric Vehicles, Digital Equipments, Water Conservancy Projects, High-speed Rails, and Industrial Robots and many other fields in advanced manufacturing industries. In the line with IDENCODER’s idea to manufacture the best encoders in China, the company makes great efforts in encoders’ research and innovation. Its productions including Accurate Loopy Absolute Encoder, Loopy CANOPEN, and bus-based MODBUS-RTU which were researched and developed independently are now leading among peers. Besides, the company also developed independly has filled a gap in domestic, and the monitoring systems for hoisting safety control which was were developed together with college experts and corresponds to the national standard specifications, is now widely applied in Hoisting Machinery. 

1.Encoders Applied to Textile Machinery

2.Encoders Applied to Industrial Robot

3.Encoders for Elevator Application

4.Encoders in CNC Machine Tools Application

5.Encoders Applied to Hoisting Machinery

6.Encoders Applied to Electric Vehicles

7.Encoders Applied to High-speed Rails

8.Encoders Applied to Water Conservancy Projects