Multifunction Pulse Digital Controller

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Definition of  Encoders:

Encoders are the equipments which transform angle displacements and linear displacements into electric signals,  and are widely applied to detecting elements in the systems of speed control and position control.


ADK-WF160(D) Multifunctional Pulse Digital Controller


1. Size:160 x 80 x 125mm standard engine case, nixie light display up to seven figure.

2. 1 and 2, two input port, 90°pluses encoder signals can be identified.

3. Reset two controlling value output by two way relay, can manage to control and alarm.

4. Four types of relay output.

5. Automatic time-lapse reset.

6. Peak value display;

7. Password security protection can be set;

8. Current memory can be restor


1. Multiply power can be set by set the rate of input pluses to output figures;

2. External sensor connecting: Supply 5V(100mA), 12V(100mA) power to angle and line rotation grating sensor. Other options of voltage supply can be customized;

3. Counting rate: Single frequency doubling, double frequency doubling and quadruple.

4. Differential complement function;

5. 4-20mA current output;

6. 485 communication function, baud rate of 9600bps;

Technical parameter:

Supply Voltage: AC220V 50Hz

Display range: -9999999~9999999

Input impedance: 5K

Contact capacity: AC220V1A DC24V1A

Impulse frequency ≤500k

Multiply rate range: 0~999.999

Temperature range: -15℃~50℃


Can be applied by rotary encoder, optical grating, magnetic grating etc.


IDENCODER are popular equivalent replacement for similar foreign products such as Sick encoders/Hengstler encoders/P+F encoders/Omron encoders/Kuebler    encoders/Nemicon encoders/Heidenhain encoders/Koyo encoders/Autonics encoders/Trelectronic encoders/Tamagawa encoders/Baumer encoders/Elco encoders and so on


Widely applied in the textile machinery, cranes, numerically-controlled machine, automatic, control machine, nuclear power equipment,experimental machine, water conservancy project, packaging machine, satellite communication,high-speed rail, wind power, electric cars,print machine, automatic assembly line and so on.

1) How to select an encoder?
Before ordering encoders, you could clearly know which type of encoder you may need.
There are incremental encoder and absolute encoder, after this, our sale-service department would better work for you.
2) What specifications are requested before order an encoder?
Encoder type----------------solid shaft or hollow shaft encoder
External Diameter----------Min 25mm, MAX 100mm
Shaft Diameter---------------Min shaft 4mm, Max shaft 45mm
Phase & Resolution---------Min 20ppr, MAX 65536ppr
Circuit Output Mode-------you could choose NPN,PNP,Voltage, Push-pull,Line driver, etc
Power Supply Voltage------DC5V-30V
3) How to choose a right encoder by yourself ?
Exact Specification Description
Check The Installation Dimensions
Contact Supplier to get more details
4) How many pieces to start ?
The MOQ is 20pcs .Less quantity is also ok but the freight  is  higher.
5) Why choose "Idencoder " Brand Encoder?
All encoders are designed and developed by our own engineer team since year 2004,
and most of the electronic component of encoders are imported from overseas market.
We own the Anti-static and no-dust workshopand our products pass the ISO9001.
Never let our quality down,because quality is our culture.
6) How long is your lead time?
Short lead time----3 days for samples,7-10days for mass production
7) what is your guarantee policy?
1year warranty and life-long technical support
8)What are the benefit if we become your agency ?
Special prices, Market protection and supporting.
9)What is the process to become IDENCODER agency?
Please send us enquiry,we will contact you as soon as possible.
10)What is your production capacity?
We produce 5000pcs every week.Now we are building second phrase production line.


Weihai Idencoder Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a technological enterprise, professional in developing, producing and marketing the industrial encoder. With the faith “MAKE THE BEST ENCODER IN CHINA, CONTRIBUTE TO THE NATIONAL PRODUCTS”, our company cooperates with Harbin Institute of Technology and Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics to research and innovate on the encoder. Brought in the high level engineers and strong R&D team, we own independent encoder development engineering laboratory.Several independent intellectual property rights, seven software copyrights and three patent have been achieved by IDENCODER.Eight patents for invention are applied on the way.

INDENCODER main products include incremental encoder,high-end absolute encoder and Bus-based Multi-turn encoder.Our 1213 CANOPEN multi-turns encoder, 1213 Modbus Multi-turn encoder and 485 double output  intelligent  encoder take the leading position.The successful development of the PROFIBUS encoders has filled the gap in China domestic market.Our products are widely applied in the textile machinery, cranes, numerically-controlled machine, automatic, control machine, experimental machine, satellite communication, electric cars, water conservancy project, nuclear power equipment, high-speed rail, wind power, packaging machine, print machine, automatic assembly line and so on.

“Break the foreign monopoly, Contribute to the intelligent manufacture in China”The intelligent encoders produced by IDENCODER are popular equivalent replacement for similar foreign products such as Japan Koyo TRD-NA series, Japan OMRON E6 series, Germany P+F AVM58 series, ELCO EAC58 series, EAM58 series, SAMA58 series DAMA58 series, CAM58 series and so on.