Optical Encoder Kit

Product Details

Optical Kit Encoder

Suitable for high speed and high frequency response of electric spindle, DC motor and servo motor.

Special matrix data read format, ensure high error correction ability, high reliability and long working life.


Hosuing Diameter: 30mm  

Shaft Diameter:3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm

Resolution: 10-1000ppr 

Output Signal:A, B & A B Z , A B Z & A- B- Z-

Supply Voltage:5v, 5-26v

Easy installation and Save installation space; 

Common Applications

Medical Device, Robotics, CNC Lathe, Assembly Machines, Motor-Mounted Feedback,Phototypesetters, Printers & Digital Plotters, Elevator Controls,Medical Diagnostic Equipment;

Width  30mm
Height   16.5mm
Hollow Shaft3.15mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm
Vibration (5Hz to 2kHz)20g
Max. Shaft Axial Play±0.010in
Mass Moment of Inertia:4×10-8 kg•m2
Max. Shaft Eccentricity Plus Radial Play (1)0.004in
Max. Acceleration250000rad/sec²
Shaft LoadAxial:50N
For CPR < 2000minimum value of ((18 x 10^6) / CPR) and (60000)RPM
Max. RPM (2) (300 kHz)
e.x. CPR=1250, max. rpm=14400 
e.x. CPR=100, max. rpm=60000
For CPR >= 2000 and < 4000 minimum value of ((21.6 x 10^6) / CPR) and (60000)RPM
Max. RPM (2) (360 kHz)
For CPR >= 4000 minimum value of ((43.2 x 10^6) / CPR) and (60000)RPM
Max. RPM (2) (720 kHz)
Typical Product Weight0.56oz.

Supply Voltage:DC5V, 5-26v
Output format:Voltage
Max. RPM6000rpm
Working Temperature, .-4085
Electrostatic Discharge, IEC 61000-4-2±4kv
Low-level OutputMax. 0.4v
High-level OutputMin.3.4v
Output Rise TimeMax.200us
Output Fall TimeMax.200us

Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Details
The rotary encoder is packed in standard export packaging or as required by buyers
Delivery Time
Shipped within 15 days after payment

1) How to select an encoder?
Before ordering encoders, you could clearly know which type of encoder you may need.
There are incremental encoder and absolute encoder, after this, our sale-service department would better work for you.
2) What specifications are requested before order an encoder?
Encoder type----------------solid shaft or hollow shaft encoder
External Diameter----------Min 25mm, MAX 100mm
Shaft Diameter---------------Min shaft 4mm, Max shaft 45mm
Phase & Resolution---------Min 20ppr, MAX 65536ppr
Circuit Output Mode-------you could choose NPN,PNP,Voltage, Push-pull,Line driver, etc
Power Supply Voltage------DC5V-30V
3) How to choose a right encoder by yourself ?
Exact Specification Description
Check The Installation Dimensions
Contact Supplier to get more details
4) How many pieces to start ?
The MOQ is 20pcs .Less quantity is also ok but the freight  is  higher.
5) Why choose "Idencoder " Brand Encoder?
All encoders are designed and developed by our own engineer team since year 2004,
and most of the electronic component of encoders are imported from overseas market.
We own the Anti-static and no-dust workshopand our products pass the ISO9001.
Never let our quality down,because quality is our culture.
6) How long is your lead time?
Short lead time----3 days for samples,7-10days for mass production
7) what is your guarantee policy?
1year warranty and life-long technical support
8)What are the benefit if we become your agency ?
Special prices, Market protection and supporting.
9)What is the process to become IDENCODER agency?
Please send us enquiry,we will contact you as soon as possible.
10)What is your production capacity?
We produce 5000pcs every week.Now we are building second phrase production line.