Programmable Incremental Encoder ADK-PI SERIES

Programmable Incremental Encoder ADK-PI SERIES
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The IDENCODER programmable incremental encoder resolution that allows users to easily program a new encoder resolution at any time. In just a few seconds, the resolution can be changed in a certain range. Idencoder  ADK-PI Series incremental encoder allows for virtually unlimited resolution variations. The simple, easy user interface uses a standard USB port interface and free software provided by Idencoder. Having programmable encoders on hand reduces the number of encoder resolutions that companies need to keep in inventory for maintenance and repair activities. The ability to quickly reprogram in the field also allows for flexibility in manufacturing.

The programming features allow a single encoder to be configured for multiple applications, enabling one encoder to replace many different part numbers, providing cost savings on inventory -- and shortening down-time for replacement. Available in shaft, hollow bore, and thru-bore, these encoders are highly mechanically configurable and offer a range of bore/shaft sizes, different mounts, a variety of connectors,  and sealing up to IP67.   

ADK-PI Series 

Housing  Diameter: 38,48, 50, 58, 60, 66, 68, 80,90,100mm etc. or as per customers?demands.

Options of shaft Diameter: 6, 8, 9, 10, 15, 20,30,40,50mm etc. or as per customers?demands

Programmable Resolutions range: 8192,4096,2048,1024,512,256,128,64,32,2000,1600,1000,800,500,400,320,200,160,100,80,40;

Options of Supply Voltage:5v, 12v, 24v, 8~29v;

Options of Output Format: NPN Open collector, PNP Open Collector, Liner Driver, Push pull.

Options of Signal Format:Two channel(A,B), Three channel (A, B, Z)  and optional complementary(A-,B-,Z-)outputs,