8mm Rotary Encoder with Metal Shaft (F08xE)

Product Detail

Basic Info
  • Model NO.:F08xE

  • Rated Power:DC 5V, 2.5mA (1mA Min)

  • Contact Resistance:10 Ohm Max at DC 5V, 1mA

  • Insulation Resistance:More Than 100m Ohms at 250V for 1 Minute

  • Withstand Voltage:AC 300V for 1 Minute

  • Number of Detent:20 Detents (Angle: 18±° 3°)

  • Resolution:10 Pulses/360°for Each Phase. Chattering 3ms M

  • Phase-Difference:Td=T/4±t/6(in Case of No Detent)

  • Rotational Torque:20 ~ 250gf.Cm

  • Total Rotational Angle:360° Continuous

  • Push-Pull Strength of Shaft: Pull:Pull: 10.0kgf Min; Push: 10.0kgf Min

  • Trademark:IDENCODER

Product Description
F081E Series
Rotary Encoder


1. Miniature and highly accurate contact type encoder
2. 7.7 mm wide and 9.35mm high envelope
3. Incremental type

Electrical characteristics

Rated Power: DC 5V, 2.5mA (1mA Min)
Contact resistance: 10 Ohms Max at DC 5V, 1mA
Insulation Resistance: More than 100M Ohms at 250V for 1 minute
Withstand voltage: AC 300V for 1 minute
Number of detent: 20 detents (Angle: 18± ° 3° )
Resolution: 10 Pulses/360° For each phase. Chattering 3ms Max
Phase-difference: Td=T/4± T/6(in case of no detent)

Mechanical characteristics

Rotational Torque: 20 ~ 250gf. Cm
Total Rotational Angle: 360° Continuous
Push-Pull Strength of shaft: Pull: 10.0Kgf Min; Push: 10.0Kgf Min
Bushing & nut tight strength: 10.0Kgf. Cm Min

Endurance characteristics

Rotational Life: 50, 000 Cycles Min.
Load Life: 50, 000 Cycles Min with load.
Dry heat: 70C° , 240± 10H, CR is 10? Max; IR 10M? Min at DC250V.
Cold: -30C° , 1H, CR is 10? Max; IR 10M? Min at DC250V.
Damp heat: 40± 2 C, 90-95 RH for 96H, CR is 10 Ohms Max; IR 10M Ohm Min at DC 250V.