A Reference Solution For Absolute Encoder

The method of absolute encoder is to increase the reference point, and every reference point of the encoder will be corrected to the memory position of the counting device. The accuracy of the position is not guaranteed until the reference point. To this end, in the industrial control of each operation to find a reference point, boot change and other methods.Absolute Encoder

The absolute encoder is unique to each position determined by the mechanical position, it does not need to be remembered, no reference point, and no constant count, when to know the location, when to read its location. In this way, the anti-interference characteristic of encoder and the reliability of data are greatly improved.Absolute Encoder

Single Circle rotation absolute encoder, in order to rotate in the measurement of the optical code plate each line of the engraving, in order to obtain the only code, when the rotation over 360 degrees, the code back to the original point, so that the absolute encoding is not the only principle, such a code can only be used for the beginning of the It is an extension of the application scope of the single loop encoder. This type of encoder has a single lap resolution of up to 8,192 bits/rpm, while its multiple laps count can be 4096 laps, and we can make an elastic expansion measurement of the linear motion attachment according to the customer's requirements.Absolute Encoder 

The attachment on the spindle allows the encoder to ' cascade ' the installation of one or more reducer so that the encoder can also ensure accurate readings when it is off. The encoder resolution is currently up to 25 digits, which is equivalent to 33,553,432 positional digits. The encoder performance is good and safe. Multi-Ring Encoder has a variety of optional electrical output and mechanical characteristics.Absolute Encoder