Absolute Encoder Is Getting More And More Attention

Absolute encoder is paid more and more attention to the safety of production and communication in the whole industrial market. It is used in the continuous development of automation field. Absolute encoder is more and more widely used in precision measurement, measurement equipment and object positioning equipment because of its anti-interference in each position and no power-down memory. Angle, length measurement and positioning control in various industrial systems and in the manipulator arm, and in the manipulator arm has a great advantage.

Generally speaking, the absolute encoder is needed to provide feedback for the position information of each dimension manipulator. In the application of high precision manipulator, such as semiconductor automation manipulator, it can also consider working with ASAS-7000, which can provide up to 30-bit multi-loop position information and provide necessary feedback information for the precise control of manipulator. For AEAT-84AD, the motion information of 12,000 revolutions per minute can be detected and the response is very sensitive. The motion speed of the manipulator can be calculated by reading the position information. The absolute encoder can be read by the main controller when the power is on for the motion position of the multi-dimensional manipulator arm, which has a great advantage for the incremental encoder.

For the design of manipulator, AEAT-84AD has the advantages of high precision, high sensitivity, small size, modular design and so on. Absolute encoder can be better used in it.

In the application of multi-loop optoelectronic absolute value encoder, because the position information does not need battery power supply or other storage, it can be read conveniently after the system is powered on. These advantages are incomparable with incremental encoder. Absolute encoder has the advantages of high precision, high sensitivity, fast response, small size, modular design and so on. It can be well used in gate opening control, manipulator arm, high precision position control components.