Absolute Encoder The Introduction Of

The Absolute encoder provides a unique coded numeric value for each axis position, especially in positioning control applications, the absolute encoder reduces the computational task of the electronic receiving device, thus eliminating the complicated and costly input device, and when the machine is plugged into the power supply or the power supply fails and then the power supply is switched on, it is not necessary to return to the location reference point, which can utilize the current position value.

Absolute Encoder The single-loop absolute encoder divides the shaft into the specified number of measurements, the maximum resolution of 16 bits, which means the maximum can be distinguished from 65,536 positions. The multi-circle absolute encoder not only can measure angular displacement in a circle, but also can use the multi-step gear to measure the coil number, the circle number is 14 bits, which means that the maximum 16,384 laps can be recognized, the total resolution can reach 30 bits or 1,073,741,824 measurement steps.

The parallel absolute value Rotary Encoder transmits position values to the estimation electronic device through multi-core cable parallel transmission.

Serial absolute Encoder, output data can be transmitted using standard interface and standardized protocol, while the use of serial data transmission in lieu of the connection of the past point to point, the usage of fieldbus system is increasing today.

The absolute encoder does not produce pulses, but a string of data codes that can read the position of the shaft directly from the encoder disk, depending on the output interface, and the data can be transmitted in parallel or serial.

1. Absolute Encoder Single-Loop encoder

This single-loop absolute encoder value only reflects a circle value, that is, 360 ° to divide into the maximum 65,536 measurements, the encoder after a loop, the code begins to reproduce, so the encoder cannot distinguish how many laps it turns.

2. Absolute Encoder Multi-Loop Encoder

A gear is configured on a single-loop encoder because the gear can be measured up to 16384 (14-bit) loops, so the total resolution of the multi-loop encoder is 16 bits (single-loop resolution) + 14 bits (cyclomatic) Total number of 30-bit resolution, that is, the total number of 1,073,741,824 locations can be read, so that the encoder has a very long distance into a very small measurement step.