Absolute Encoders Have Different Working Principle And Device Differences

    Rotation Incremental The encoder outputs pulses when it rotates and calculates its position by counting the device. When the encoder is in motion or power failure, it depends on the internal memory of the counting device to remember the position. In this way, when the power failure, the encoder can not have any movement, when the call work, the encoder output pulse process, can not interfere with the loss of the pulse, otherwise, the counting device to calculate and remember the zero will be offset, and this The amount of offset is not known, only the wrong production results can be seen before.Absolute Encoder

    The solution is to increase the reference point, BEN encoder for each reference point, the reference position correction into the counting device memory location. Before the reference point, there is no guarantee of the accuracy of the location. To this end, there are every time in the industrial control to find a reference point, boot and other methods.

This method is too cumbersome for some industrial projects, or even allow the boot to change the zero (after the boot will know the exact location), so there will be the emergence of absolute encoders.Absolute Encoder

    Series Absolute Encoder There are many channels on the optical encoder, each line in order to 2 lines, 4 lines, 8 lines, 16 lines arranged in each position of the encoder, by reading each track Pass, dark, get a set of 2 to 2 from 2 to 2 of the n-1 power of the unique binary code (Gray code), which is called n-bit absolute encoder. Such an encoder is determined by the mechanical position of the optical encoder, which is not affected by power outages or disturbances.

    The absolute encoder is coded by the mechanical position, it does not need to be memorized, does not need to find the reference point, and does not have to count, when need to know the position, when to read its position. In this way, the anti-jamming characteristics of the encoder, the reliability of the data greatly improved.

    Single lap absolute encoders to multi-turn absolute encoders. Absolute value Rotate the lap absolute encoder to measure the optical encoder in the rotation to obtain a unique code. When the rotation exceeds 360 degrees, the code returns to the origin, so that it does not conform to the absolute principle of absolute coding , This code can only be used for rotation within 360 degrees of measurement, known as the lap absolute encoder.Absolute Encoder

    Measuring rotation more than 360 degrees range, the use of multi-turn absolute encoder, the encoder production using the principle of clock and watch gear, when the center code wheel rotation, through the gear drive another set of code (or multiple sets of gears, ), In the lap code on the basis of the increase in the number of lap coding to expand the encoder measurement range, such an absolute encoder is called multi-turn absolute encoder, it is also determined by the mechanical location coding, each The location code is unique and does not need to be memorized.Absolute Encoder

    Multi-turn encoder Another advantage is due to the large range of measurement, the use of often more affluent, so do not have to worry about the installation of zero, a middle position as a starting point on it, greatly simplifying the difficulty of installation and debugging.