Advantages Of Incremental Encoders

Incremental encoder (electronic hand wheel) color is: non-touch, no conflict and wear, small size, light weight, compact structure, convenient device, simple protection, small driving torque, with high precision, large range measurement, fast response, digital output characteristics;

Incremental encoder is very suitable for measuring speed, and can be measured indefinitely. However, there are zero cumulative errors, poor anti-interference, acceptance of equipment downtime to recall power off, boot should be zero or reference bits and other questions, such as the choice of positive encoder can deal with.

Built-in Battery Skills: Some encoders have built-in batteries to prevent loss of power-off signals, some encoders (electronic handwheels) are positive signals, and multi-loop signals are obtained by incremental counting of built-in batteries and circuits. This is a pseudo-positive encoder, which is subject to battery life, low-temperature battery failure, and reception. The factors such as poor contact of the vibrating battery affect the reliability greatly.

Incremental encoder generally applies speed measurement, measuring rotation direction, measuring moving angle and distance (relative). The type of encoder is first selected according to the measurement requirements. The number of pulses transmitted by the incremental encoder is equal to the number of lines of its grating. In the design, the number of lines of the encoder should be determined according to the speed measurement or positioning requirements and the speed of the encoder. Encoder installed on the motor shaft, or installed on a decelerated shaft, encoder speed is very different. It is also necessary to consider whether the highest frequency of pulses emitted by it is within the allowable range of the PLC high speed counter.