Basic Structure And Characteristics Of Absolute Encoder

The basic structure and characteristics of absolute photoelectric encoder, the incremental photoelectric encoder may cause counting errors due to outside interference, and can not find the correct position of the parts before the accident after the power outage or the fault stops. The above disadvantage can be avoided by using absolute photoelectric encoder. The basic principle and components of absolute photoelectric encoder are the same as that of incremental photoelectric encoder, which is composed of light source, encoder, detecting grating, photoelectric detecting device and conversion circuit. Unlike incremental photoelectric encoders, the absolute photoelectric encoder uses different numbers to indicate each increment position, which is a direct output digital sensor.Absolute Encoder

A plurality of concentric yards along a circular plate, each of which consists of a light and opaque fan-shaped section, the number of sectors adjacent to the code is double relations, the number of yards on the code plate is its binary digit number, on one side of the code disk is the light source, the other side corresponds to each channel has a photosensitive element; When the code plate is in a different position, Each photosensitive element converts the corresponding level signal according to the illumination or not, and forms the binary number. This encoder is characterized by no counter, in any position of the hinge can be read a fixed and position corresponding to the digital code. Obviously, the more code path, the higher the resolution, for one with N bit.Absolute Encoder

Absolute Photoelectric Encoder is the use of natural binary, cycle binary (gray code), two-decimal mode, such as photoelectric conversion. Absolute Photoelectric encoder and incremental photoelectric encoder is different from the disc on the light, opaque line graphics, absolute photoelectric encoder can have a number of codes, according to the code on the readout code, the absolute position. It is characterized in that the absolute value of the angle coordinate can be read directly, without accumulative error, the position information will not be lost after the power is removed, the encoder's precision depends on the digit number, and the maximum operating speed is higher than the incremental photoelectric encoder.Absolute Encoder