Classification Of Bus Type Encoder

With regard to the resolution and accuracy of the sensor, we can use the mechanical three-pointer-type watch to play such a metaphor: the resolution is the hour, the resolution of the minute is divided, the second hand resolution is seconds, the eye reaction is fast, through the second hand in seconds between the space, We can even tell about 0.3 seconds, this is a three-pin mechanical pointer can be done by the watch; and what precision is, is the accuracy of each watch's standard time, which is different for each watch, or different at different times of use (the more quickly or more slowly), roughly 1 seconds to 30 seconds.Bus Type Encoder Similarly, in the use of Rotary encoders, the resolution and accuracy are two completely different concepts. The resolution of the encoder refers to the minimum angle change that the encoder can read and output, and the corresponding parameters are: the number of lines per turn (line), the number of pulses per turn (PPR), the smallest step, the bit, etc.Bus Type Encoder

Many domestic users Import encoder (encoder), these imported encoders are imported with equipment, need spare parts maintenance, some for equipment manufacturers imitation development, need to look for the same function of the encoder, some owners or design institute to ensure the application of the reliability of the designation.Bus Type Encoder

The principle property of the encoder is to differentiate the increment encoder, the absolute value single loop encoder, the absolute value multi-ring encoder, and the special type Encoder. Now most of the incremental value encoder can be replaced (for example, with GI60, HA78, etc.), the difficulty is not small, and the absolute value of the single ring encoder 17 bit (17Bit) can also be used GMS412, GAS60 replacement, the absolute value of multiple-ring encoder, 28-bit below can also be replaced (replaced with GAX60 or GMX425).Bus Type Encoder