Diameter 38mm Incremental Rotary Encoder Chc38s Series with 6mm Shaft

Basic Info

  • Model NO.:ID02-38L6-I1000C3P

  • Working Principle: Incremental

  • Signal Output: Complementary Push-pull Output

  • Shaft Diameter: 6mm

  • Pulse Output: 5;10;50;60;100;200;360;400;600

  • Termination Mode: G:Side Entry Cable; E:Rear Entry Cable

  • Origin: Wenzhou, China

  • Type: Rotary Encoder

  • Readout Mode: Contact

  • External Diameter: 38mm

  • Working Power: DC5V-24V

  • Output Phase: a B Z or a B Z -a -B -Z

  • Trademark: CLIN

Product Description

Product Description

Rotary Encoder Series
Rotary encoders are high tech sensors with a combination of optical, mechanical, electrical 
precision technology to measure displacement and angle. 
Main Features: 
small size, various types, complete function, high frequency response, high resolution, low 
power consumption, stable performance, reliable and long life.
Matched with counter. Widely used in machinery industry such as textile, packaging, printing,
 woodworking, plastic etc. for counting and measuring displacement; automation control fields 
such as motors, elevators, numerical control machine tool, robots etc; aviation, industrial assembly 
line, lifting industry and wind power industries.
Notes for placing order: 
Specify encoder model, output pulses per revolution, signal output mode, power voltage, 
cable length and quantity
E.g.: GK38-200; DC12-24V; 2m cable length; 500 PCS./
CHB25S-E-100; DC12-24V; 2m cable length; 500PCS

Pulses selection formula: 
Pulses per revolution(P/R)=Displacement per Revolution/Design Resolution=360°/Design Resolution





Main sizeexternal diameter: Ø38mm;                                    
shaft diameter: Ø6mm
Working powerDC5V-24V
Output modeN:open collector(NPN)
E:voltage pulse output
F: complementary output
L:line driver
Pulse output5;10;50;60;100;200;360;400;600
Output phaseA B Z or A B Z  -A -B -Z
Termination modeG:side entry cable; E:rear entry cable
Remarklow pulse; economical type
rotate speed: 3000r/min

Outline Dimension