Encoder Multi-Turn Profibus DP Absolute Encoder

Model Number:


Basic Info:

Installation Form:Axle Sleeve

Type Brand:Idencoder

Axonia:Clamping Flange Type

Resolution: 4096/8192ppr

Shaft Diameter:10mm

Outer diameter:58mm

Output Way:Absolute Encoder

IP Rate:IP65

HS Code:8543709990

Place of  Origin:Weihai, China



Certification: SGS, ISO9001

Guarantee period:2 year

Technology parameter

Environmental Specification

Operating temperature:-10~60°C


IP rate:IP 65

Electrical Specification

Operating Voltage:5V,12V,24V,8~29V  Connection form:Profibus-DP

Mechanical Specification

Max shaft speed:5000r/min  Shock Resistance:GB/T2423.5-1995 100g,6ms  Vibration Resistance:GB/T 2423.10-1995 10g,10~500Hz

Starting Torque:1.5X10-2N.m

Max shaft loading

Axial:80N  Rodial:40N

Moment of inertia:9X10-6Kg.m2  Max Angular acceleration:1x104rad/s