Incremental Absolute Rotary Encoder E40s6-2000-6-L-5

Basic Info.

Model NO.:E40S6-2000-6-L-5Type:Rotary Encoder
Working Principle:IncrementalReadout Mode:Contact
Operating System:Magnetoelectric TypeSignal Output:Complementary Push-pull Output
Axle Sleeve Type:Empty TypeInstallation Form:Axle Sleeve Type
Brand:IDENCODERAxonia:Servo Installation Type
Origin:WEIHAI SHANDONGHS Code:8543709990

Product Description




50, 60, 75, 100, 120, 125, 150, 192, 200,
240, 250, 256, 300, 360, 400, 500, 512, 600, 800, 1000, 1024, 1200, 1500, 1800, 2000,
2048, 2500, 3000, 3600, 5000

Electrical specifi cation
Output phase A, B, Z phase(Line driver output : A, A, B, B, Z, Z phase)
Phase difference of output Phase difference between A and B: T
4 ± T
8 (T=1cycle of A phase)
Control output
Totem pole output Low Load current: Max. 30mA, Residual voltage : Max. 0.4VDC
High Load current: Max. 10mA, Output voltage(Power voltage 5VDC): Min. (Power voltage-2.0)VDC, Output voltage(Power voltage 12-24VDC): Min. (Power voltage-3.0)VDC
NPN open collector output Load current : Max. 30mA, Residual voltage : Max. 0.4VDC
Voltage output Load current : Max. 10mA, Residual voltage : Max. 0.4VDC
Line driver output
Low Load current: Max. 20mA, Residual voltage : Max. 0.5VDC
High Load current: Max. -20mA, Output voltage(Power voltage 5VDC): Min. 2.5VDC,
Output voltage(Power voltage 12-24VDC): Min. (Power voltage-3.0)VDC
Low Load current: Max. 20mA, Residual voltage: Max. 0.5VDC
High Load current: Max. -20mA, Output voltage: Min. 2.5VDC
Mechanical specification
Starting torque Max., Max. Max.
Moment of inertia Max. 80g.cm2(8×10-6kg.m2)2, Max. 400g.cm2(4×10-5kg.m2)3 Max. 40g.cm2(4×10-6kg.m2)
Shaft loading Radial: Max. 10kg.f, Thrust: Max. 2.5kg.f Radial: Max. 2kg.f, Thrust: 1kg.f
Max. allowable revolution4 5,000rpm
Vibration 1.5mm amplitude at frequency of 10 to 55Hz in each of X, Y, Z directions for 2 hours
Shock Max. 75G

Ambient temperature -10 to 70, Storage: -25 to 85
Ambient humidity 35 to 85% RH, Storage: 35 to 90%RH
Protection Normal type, Cable outgoing connector type: IP50(IEC standard)5,
Connector integrated type: IP65(IEC standard) IP50(IEC standard)
Cable ø5mm, 5P, Length: 2m, Shield cable(Line driver output: ø5mm, 8P)
(AWG 24, Core wire diameter: 0.08mm, No. of core wire: 40, Insulator out diameter: ø1mm)

Caution for using
1. Installation
This unit consists of precision components. If you drop this unit, it may lose the function.
Please treat this product carefully.
When you install this unit, if eccentricity and deflection angle are larger, load is applied to the
shaft. It may shorten the life cycle of this unit.
Do not put strong impact with hammer, etc when insert coupling into shaft.
2. For using
Please use attached Sil Twist pair wire and use proper receiver for RS-422A communication.
Do not cut or connect circuit when power is ON. It may cause damage to the unit.
When the power source is Switching Power, it may cause surge. Install a surge absorber in
power line. Wire should be shorter in order not to be influenced by noise.
3. Environment
Please do not use this unit with below environment, or it may cause malfunction.
Place where this unit or component may be damaged by strong vibration or impact.
Place where there is a lot of flammable or corrosive gases.
Place where strong magnet field or electric noise occurs.
Place where is beyond of the rated temperature or humidity.
Place where strong acids or alkali near by.
Place where there is the direct ray of the sun.
4. Vibration and Impact
If a big impact or strong vibration applies to the product it may cause pulse errors. Be sure that
when installing this unit.
Encoder with high resolution can be easily affected by vibration, therefore tighten fixing bracket
when installing this unit.
5. Wire connection
Do not pull out the wire with over 30N strength after fixing the unit and wiring the cable.
If wire encoder cable with high voltage line or power cable in the same conduit, it may cause a
malfunction or mechanical problem. Please wire it separately or use separated conduit.