Incremental Encoder

Incremental photoelectric rotary encoder

An encoder is a device that converts a physical quantity into a digital format. The function of encoder in motion control system is to convert parameters such as position and angle to digital quantity. Electric contact, magnetic effect, capacitance effect and photoelectric conversion mechanism can be used to form various types of encoders. The common encoder of Zui in motion control system is photoelectric encoder.

Photoelectric encoder is divided into rotary photoelectric encoder and linear photoelectric encoder according to their different uses, which are used to measure rotation angle and linear size respectively. The key component of the photoelectric encoder is the photoelectric encoder, which is a circular code wheel or code disk in the rotary photoelectric encoder, and a ruler code strip in the linear photoelectric encoder. Codes and yardsticks can be made of materials such as metals, glass and polymers according to the needs of use and cost. The principle is to generate digital optical signals representing the position of movement during movement.