Incremental Encoder Classification And Structural Materials

   SSI, 4-20MA, profibus-dp, DEVicenet, parallel, binary code, BiSS, ISI, CANopen, and so on. The output of the incremental encoder output pulse signal, open collector, long drive, push-pull, Endat and Hiperface. Incremental encoders are encoders that generate signals based on rotational motion, and the scale is incrementally calculated for each pulse, hence the name. It is used together with mechanical switching devices (such as racks - gears, measuring wheels or mandrels) for measuring linear motion.Incremental Encoder  Incremental encoder is the direct use of photoelectric conversion principle output three sets of square wave pulse A, B and Z phase; AB two sets of pulse phase difference of 90 °, which can easily determine the direction of rotation, and Z phase each turn a pulse, Used for datum point positioning. Features are simple structure, mechanical average life can be tens of thousands of hours or more.Incremental Encode   The incremental encoder consists of a center of the photoelectric encoder with a circular pass, a dark mark, a photoelectric transmitting and receiving device to read, to obtain four sets of sine wave signals into A, B, C, D , Each sine wave difference of 90 degrees phase difference (relative to a cycle of 360 degrees), the C, D signal reverse, superimposed on the A, B two-phase, can enhance the stability of the signal; the other output each turn a Z-phase pulse To represent the zero reference bit. As A, B phase difference of 90 degrees, can be compared by A phase before or B phase in front to determine the encoder forward and reverse, through the zero pulse, the encoder can get zero reference bit on the sea open To ground electrons.Incremental Encoder

Some companies encoder code material is glass, metal, plastic, glass plate is deposited on the glass thin line, its thermal stability is good, high precision, metal code directly to pass and not through the engraved line, not easy But because the metal has a certain thickness, there is a limit on the accuracy of its thermal stability is worse than the order of the glass grade, plastic plate is economical, and its low cost, but the accuracy, thermal stability, life expectancy Worse. Resolution - How many pass or dark lines are provided by the encoder at 360 degrees per rotation, also known as resolution, or how many lines are called directly, typically between 5 and 10,000 lines per revolution.Incremental Encoder