Incremental Encoder The Principle And Characteristics

Principle and characteristics of incremental encoder

The incremental encoder converts the displacement into periodic electrical signals, and then transforms the electrical signal into a counting pulse, representing the magnitude of the displacement by the number of pulses.

Incremental Encoder An encoder is a device that converts angular displacements or linear displacements into electrical signals.

Incremental Encoder The former becomes a code disc, the latter is called yardstick. The encoder can be divided into contact and non-contact two types according to the reading mode. The contact type adopts the brush output, a brush contact the conductive area or the insulation area to indicate the state of the code is "1" or "0"; Non-contact acceptance sensitive elements are photosensitive components or magnetic sensors, using photosensitive elements in light and opaque areas to indicate that the state of the code is "1" or "0."

Incremental Encoder According to the principle of work encoder can be divided into incremental and absolute two categories.

The incremental encoder is the conversion of the displacement into periodic electrical signals, the electrical signal is then transformed into a counting pulse, with the number of pulses representing the size of the displacement, each position of the absolute encoder corresponds to a definite numeric code, so its indication is only related to the starting and ending position of the measurement, regardless of the intermediate process of measurement.

Incremental Encoder The characteristics of incremental encoder are: non-contact, non-friction and wear, small size, light weight, compact mechanism, easy installation, simple maintenance, small driving torque, high-precision, large number of measurement, rapid response, digital output characteristics;

The incremental encoder is suitable for measuring speed and can be infinitely accumulated. However, there are 0 points cumulative error, anti-jamming is poor, receiving equipment downtime need to power down memory, the post should change or reference bits, such as the choice of an absolute encoder can be solved.

Incremental Encoder Built-in battery technology: There are some encoders with built-in batteries to avoid the loss of power signals, and there are some encoders with a single loop is an absolute signal, and the multi-circle number signal is built in the battery and circuit with incremental counting method to obtain, this is pseudo absolute encoder, its battery life, the battery low temperature failure, the vibration battery contact bad factors, and greatly reduce the reliability.