Incremental Rotary Encoder Sh-66064

Product Detail

Basic Info
  • Model NO.:ID-66064

  • Output:Switching Sensor

  • Trademark:IDENCODER

Product Description
Control speed and position of motor
Industrial position control
 Model No.  ID-2500P4-5R-R  Item No.  ID66064 0914 R307
 Working Voltage  5VDC±5%  Shaft diameter  Φ9 1/10 taper hole
 Current Consumption  ≤100 mA non-loaded  Wire Length  150mm
 Signal Form  AA- BB- ZZ- UU- VV- WW-  Rotary Inertia  ≤6.5×10 -6
 Pulse Amount  AB 2500P/R + Z 1P/R + UVW 4P/R  Rotating Torque  ≤9.8×10 -3  N.m
 Output Mode  LINE DRIVE RS422 AM26C31  Axial Load  Axial 10N
 Response Frequency  200KHz electrical  Radial Load  Radial 10N
 Output Current  ≤±20mA  Permissible Acceleration  10 4  rad/sec 2
 Output Voltage  Vh≥2.5V  VL≤0.5V  Maximum Speed  6000 min-1 mechanical
 Rise and Fall Times  ≤100nS  Impact Resistance  ≤980m/s 2   3/6s to X, Y, Z
 Isolation Resistance  ≥50MΩ  GND-CRAS  Vibration Resistance  ≤49m/s 2  10-200Hz 2h to X, Y, Z
 Dielectric Voltage Withstand  500VAC 1min GND-CRAS  Working Temperature  25 -85 
 Photosource  850nm LED  Usage Tempeerature  25 -85 
 IP Code  IP40  Service Temperature  95% RH MAX
     Weight  ≤0.3Kg Including cable