Lvneng Customized Natural Gas Generator for Sale

Model Number:



Widely applied in the textile machinery, cranes, numerically-controlled machine, automatic, control machine, nuclear power equipment,experimental machine, water conservancy project, packaging machine, satellite communication,high-speed rail, wind power, electric cars,print machine, automatic assembly line and so on.

Basic Info:

Installation Form:Axle Sleeve

Type Brand:Idencoder

Axonia:Clamping Flange Type

Resolution: 64/2048ppr

Shaft Diameter:6mm

Outer diameter:38mm

Output Way:Absolute Encoder

IP Rate:IP65

HS Code:8543709990

Place of  Origin:Weihai, China



Certification: SGS, ISO9001

Guarantee period:1 year

 Technology parameter

Working Voltage:10-30Vdc or 5Vdc

Current consumption:<110mA(24V power supply) <190mA(12V power supply)

Output loading factor:≦400 Ohm

Liner resolution:1/4096

Working temperature:-25~70℃  0℃~70℃when programing

Storage temperature:-40~100℃

IP rate:IP65

Shaft speed:2400r/min