Manual Pulse Generator Of The Basic Information And Classification

   Hand wheel full name manual pulse generator, also known as photoelectric encoder. Mainly used for CNC machine tools: vertical machining centers, horizontal machining centers, gantry machining centers and other numerical control equipment, such as modeling novel, easy to move, anti-interference, with a strong ability; full plastic shell, high insulation strength, anti-oil seal design ; With X1, X10, X100 third gear ratio, can achieve 4-axis override; with control switch, emergency stop switch optional, human design, easy to operate.Manual Pulse Generator  Handwheel common faults and troubleshooting methods: 1, hand wheel on each axis jitter phenomenon. The original hand wheel box within the circuit board problems, the replacement of damaged components 2, hand wheel sometimes easy to use sometimes not easy to use, there is no law, the original hand wheel or hand wheel extension line of the resistance is too large, Line problem solving 3, hand wheel reaction is not sensitive, there is a serious pulse loss phenomenon, the original plug is not in place the pin 4, hand wheel can not be used, the original signal line for the small plug A / B that X1 / X2 inserted in the 5, the hand wheel can not be used or hand wheel pulsed loss phenomenon, the original cable splitter jump needle is wrong, you should jump on both sides to stay in the middle, cable splitter DIP - FIX switch (S1 - S6) set as follows 6, hand wheel can not be used or hand wheel pulse loss phenomenon, the signal cable 6FX2002-4AA21-0xx0, disconnected or virtual connection 7, hand wheel can not be used, the original pulse generator is broken , Can only be replaced.Manual Pulse Generator  According to the raw materials can be divided into: natural rubber hand wheel, and plastic hand wheel, bakelite hand wheel and cast iron hand wheel hand wheel by style points are small hand wheel, ripple hand wheel, small ripple hand wheel, back ripple hand wheel, round Hand wheel, handwheel handwheel, handwheel handwheel, handwheel handwheel, flat hand wheel, double hand wheel, dial hand wheel, grinder hand wheel, milling machine hand wheel and so on.Manual Pulse Generator