Manufacture Replacement of Absolute Encoder Resolvers

Product Detail

Basic Info
  • Model NO.:Replacement of Absolute Encoder Resolv

  • Type:Resolver

  • Working Principle:Absolute

  • Readout Mode:Contact

  • Operating System:Contact Brush Type

  • Signal Output:Long Drive Output

  • Axle Sleeve Type:Large Diameter Type

  • Package:adk

  • Installation Form:Axle Sleeve Type


  • Axonia:Servo Installation Type

Product Description
Pole of Paris1
Residual Voltage20mv
Input Frequency10KHz
Input Impedance(185±30)Ω
Transformation Ratio0.5±10%
Input Voltage7V
Temperature Range(-55-155)oC

Input Voltage(Ref+)Organge
Input Voltage(Ref-)White
Sin Output(Sin+)Yellow
Sin Output(Sin-)Blue
Cos Output(Sin+)Red
Cos Output(Sin-)Black

Shaft Diameter8mm
Outside diam70mm
Note: The above dimensions are for reference only, the size of all the encoder refer to the encoder attached in instructions.