Multi-turn Encoder Output Signal

    Multi-turn encoder signal output with parallel output, serial output, bus-type output, transmission integrated output

Parallel output: absolute encoder output is a number of digital (Gray code or pure binary code), the parallel output is the interface on the multi-point high and low output to represent the digital 1 or 0, for the number of bits is not high Absolute encoder, generally directly in this form of digital output, can be directly into the PLC or PC I / O interface, the output immediately, the connection is simple.Multi-Turn Encoder

   Parallel output has the following questions:

1) must be a Gray code, because in the case of pure binary code, there may be a number of changes in the data refresh, the reading will cause the wrong code in a short time.

2) All interfaces must ensure that the connection is good, because if the individual connection bad point, the point potential is always 0, resulting in wrong code and can not judge.Multi-Turn Encoder

3) transmission distance can not be far, generally one or two meters, for the complex environment, the best isolation.

4) For more bits, many core cables are required and the connection is made excellent, resulting in engineering difficulties. Similarly, for encoders, there are many node outputs at the same time to increase the encoder failure rate.

Serial SSI output: serial output is through the agreement, in the time there are data output, this agreement is called communication protocol, the physical form of its connection RS232, RS422 (TTL), RS485 and so on. As the absolute encoder manufacturers are good in Germany, so most of the serial output with the German Siemens, such as SSI synchronous serial output. SSI interface (RS422 mode), with two data lines, two clock lines connected by the receiving device to the encoder to interrupt the clock pulse, the absolute position value from the encoder and clock pulse synchronization output to the receiving device. Triggered by the receiving device clock signal, the encoder from the high (MSB) began to output the clock signal synchronization of the serial signal. Serial output cable less transmission distance, for the protection and reliability of the encoder is greatly improved. General high-order absolute encoder is used to serial output.Multi-Turn Encoder

    Fieldbus-type output field bus encoder is a number of encoders each with a pair of signal lines connected together, by setting the address, communication with the transmission signal, the signal receiving device only one interface, you can read multiple coding Signal. Bus-type encoder signal to follow the physical format of RS485, the signal arrangement is called communication protocol, the world has a number of communication protocols, have their own advantages, not yet unified, the common communication protocol encoder are the following: PROFIBUS -bus; CAN; DeviceNet; Interbus and other bus-type encoder can save the connection cable to receive equipment interface, transmission distance, in a number of integrated control of the encoder can also greatly save the cost of the case.