Multi-turn Encoder Output Signal And Precautions

   one. BEN absolute encoder conventional shape: 38MM, 58MM, 66MM, 80MM.100MM. BEN absolute encoder is divided into: single lap, multi-turn. three. BEN absolute encoder according to the principle is divided into: absolute value encoder, Multi-Turn Encoder photoelectric sense of the value of the encoder four. BEN absolute value of the encoder outlet is divided into: side outlet, after the outlet five. BEN absolute encoder axis is divided into: 6MM, 8MM, 10MM, 12MM, 14MM, 25MM. BEN absolute encoder is divided into: solid shaft, blind hole, through hole seven. BEN absolute encoder protection is divided into: IP54-68. BEN absolute encoder installation is divided into: clamping flange, synchronous flange, with a belt synchronization flange, blind hole (spring, hold tight), through the hole (spring, key pin) nine. BEN absolute encoder accuracy is divided into: single-turn accuracy and multi-precision, add up to the total accuracy, which is usually the number of bits (conventional 24, 25, 30, 32 ....). ten. BEN absolute value Encoder communication protocol Baud rate: 4800 ~ 115200bit / s, wood that 9600bit / s. Refresh cycle of about 1.5ms 11. BEN absolute encoder output optional: SSI, 4-20MA, profibus-dp, DEVicenet, parallel, binary code, BiSS, ISI, CANopen, Endat and Hiperface, etc. BEN absolute Value DP encoder commonly used models: BESM58-011, BE122SM58, BE1822SM58, BE420SM58, etc. rinder hand wheel, milling machine hand wheel and so on.Manual Pulse Generator Multi-Turn Encoder

   Fieldbus-type output field bus encoder is a number of encoders each with a pair of signal lines connected together, by setting the address, communication with the transmission signal, the signal receiving device only one interface, you can read multiple coding Signal. Bus-type encoder signal to follow the physical format of RS485, the signal arrangement is called communication protocol, the world has a number of communication protocols, have their own advantages, not yet unified, the common communication protocol encoder are the following: PROFIBUS -bus; CAN; DeviceNet; Interbus and other bus-type encoder can save the connection cable, receiving equipment interface, transmission distance, in a number of integrated control of the encoder can also be a significant cost savings.Multi-Turn Encoder