Performance Of The Manual Pulse Generator

Because of the dynamic range of skin impedance of various populations, the dynamic range of the skin impedance is different from that of the individual at various times and in different environments. Therefore, in the skin impedance detection system, the stimulator needs to produce different frequency, different pulse width stimulation signal according to the different crowd and the different environment, can guarantee the detection system to measure the human skin's true impedance.Manual Pulse Generator

Before the communication, the upper and lower level machine generally contracts a protocol, for example, before sending the data with an identification segment, typically a byte. When the byte transmission is correct, the lower computer can think of the host computer ready to send data segments. This avoids the occasional error signal generated by the serial port. The program set 4 bytes as a data segment, because the host computer to be completed at one time, including high-low level and two times the initial value of the timer, and each initial value of two bytes. So the lower computer to determine whether a complete data segment is sent, is to determine whether it received 4 bytes of data.Manual Pulse Generator

It is used to measure frequency characteristic, non-linear distortion, gain and sensitivity of circuit and system. According to its different performance and use can also be subdivided into low frequency (20 khz to 10 MHz) signal generator, high-frequency (100,000 khz to 300 MHz) signal generator, microwave signal generator, sweep frequency and program-controlled signal generator, frequency synthesizer signal generator.Manual Pulse Generator

Pulse signal Generator. A generator capable of generating a rectangular pulse with adjustable width, amplitude and repetition frequency can be used to test the transient response of a linear system, or as an analog signal to test the performance of radar, multi-channel communication and other pulse digital systems.Manual Pulse Generator