Pull Box Encoder The Solution

There is something wrong with the pull-box encoder, and these methods may help you.

1, the Pull box encoder in the original point reversal when how to take points? For example, if you want to reverse 100 points, this data in programming software how to set up, read the data is 8000000100, how to understand this data!

Description: 8 is the symbol bit AH.

2, TONGHOW pull box encoder pulse data can be transmitted far away?

Description: Theoretically can be 100 meters. See how to arrange the line.

3, the engineering requirements of the box encoder to have a pulse output function?

Description: See how your equipment is required. The Pull-Box encoder has a pulse output as long as it rotates.

4, Pull Box Encoder absolute value of the box encoder and plc How to connect?

Description: The absolute value of the box encoder output is generally divided into two categories: A class is serial output, can be connected with the PLC communication port; the other is normal coding output, generally for the gray code, with the PLC to pay attention to the connection between the pulse output frequency and the PLC input port resolution, lest throw away the signal

5, Pull Box Encoder the drop-box encoder appears the phenomenon of the cause of pulse?

Description: First, the main reason is the problem of pulse receiver, such as the loss due to excessive pulse frequency, etc. Another reason is the reason of the box encoder itself, mainly the mechanical ambient temperature is too high, resulting in the box encoder work is not normal.

6, Pull Box encoder is based on those conditions to select models (such as: the contactor according to the control voltage, load power, current size to choose), that pull box encoder is based on those requirements to choose?

Description: First determine the type of the box encoder, is the absolute value or incremental type (different uses); then select the signal output mode, with NPN output, voltage output, line-driven output, non-output, etc. also choose the highest speed, shape, installation, use of ambient temperature, protection level, etc.

7, please ask the connection cable because of the remote extraction signal should be noticed.

Note: Pull box encoder with the cable length is generally 0.5-3M, the collector's open output mode of cable length can not exceed 10M, line-driven output can reach 200M, pull box encoder signal line can not be with the power line has strong interference in parallel lines, and must use shielding line.