Synchronous Signal Of Multi-Turn Encoder

Sluice gate control, related to flood control, flood discharge, water diversion, sewage, ship, power generation and other applications, as well as some hoist hoist lifting of the height of controlled application, its control is more and more important, now the design has required manual in-situ emergency control and remote control should be independent consideration, but for the absolute value of the use No longer using the incremental encoder or the single circle absolute encoder, it is almost an industry specification.Multi-Turn Encoder

The SSI signal is a "sync" series signal, but it is not completely synchronized, it is sent by the receiving device clock to the encoder, the encoder again sends the signal to the receiving device, the internal "synchronous" comparison, there is a range of synchronization time requirements, once inserted lightning protection, or cable longer, cable unprofessional, signal synchronization beyond the range of deviation, The data skips the code and does not work properly.Multi-Turn Encoder 

My company has developed over the past years SSI Lightning protection, in the experimental phase can be consistent with the scope of deviation, can be in the field conditions, often can not guarantee the synchronization of SSI signal and jump code, and have to give up.Multi-Turn Encoder

In order to solve the problem, the Three Gorges hydropower station is using two sets of gate opening sensor as backup, so for most of the gate control is unrealistic. After discussing with the domestic Water Conservancy design unit and the owner, we have introduced the double output absolute value true multiple Circle encoder.Multi-Turn Encoder 

Double output signals for 4-20ma and RS485, the transmission distance is 400 meters-1000 meters (according to the cable), which conforms to the direct remote transmission requirement; Both of these signals have a sophisticated, large number of used lightning protection devices that can protect the signal ports, whether they are encoders or receivers.Multi-Turn Encoder