The Increment Problem Of The Tool Post Encoder

The incremental encoder axis rotates with the corresponding phase output. The direction of rotation and the number of pulse increase and decrease, the need to rely on the back of the circuit and counter to achieve.Tool Post Encoder 

Its counting starting point can be arbitrarily set, and can realize the infinite accumulation and measurement of multiple loops. It is also possible to forward the z-signal for each pulse as a reference machine 0 bits. When the pulse is fixed, and need to improve the resolution, can be used with 90 degrees phase difference A, b of the two signals, the number of the original pulse frequency doubling.Tool Post Encoder

For the value encoder shaft rotator, there is the code (binary, BCD code, etc.) corresponding to the position one by one output, from the code size changes can be judged by the positive and negative direction and displacement position, without the need for the circuit. It has an absolute 0-bit code, when the power outage or shutdown after the start of the measurement, still can accurately read the power outage or shutdown location code, and accurately find 0-bit code. In general, the measurement range of the absolute encoder is 0~360εΊ¦, but the special model can realize the multiple-circle measurement.Tool Post Encoder

Sine Wave encoder is also an incremental encoder, the main difference is that the output signal is a sine wave analog signal, not a digital signal. Its appearance is mainly to meet the needs of the electrical field-the feedback detection element for the motor. On the basis of comparing with other systems, this kind of encoder can be used to improve the dynamic characteristics of people.Tool Post Encoder

The encoder's feedback signal must be able to provide a large number of pulses, especially when the speed is very low, using the traditional incremental encoder to generate a large number of pulses, in many ways there are problems, when the motor high-speed rotation (6000RPM), the transmission and processing of digital signals is difficult. In this case, the bandwidth required to process the signal to the servo motor (for example, the encoder per turn pulse is 10000) will easily exceed the MHz threshold, while the analog signal can be used to greatly reduce the above-mentioned troubles and to simulate a large number of pulses in the encoder.Tool Post Encoder