The Related Operation Principle Of Multi-Turn Encoder

Rotating single-loop absolute encoder, to rotate in the measurement of optical code plate each line, to get the only code, when the rotation exceeds 360 degrees, the encoding goes back to the original point, which does not conform to the principle of absolute encoding, so the encoder can only be used in the rotation range of 360 degrees of measurement, called a single loop absolute encoder.Multi-Turn Encoder 

If you want to measure the rotation over 360 degrees, you need to use the multiple-loop absolute encoder. Encoder manufacturers use the principle of clock gear machinery, when the central code plate rotates, through the gear drive another set of codes (or multiple sets of gears, multiple sets of code), on the basis of a single ring code to increase the number of rings to encode, in order to expand the scope of the encoder, such an absolute encoder is called a multi-circle absolute Encoder, It is also determined by the mechanical position of the encoding, each position encoded only without repetition, without memory. Multi-Loop Encoder Another advantage is due to large measurement range, the actual use is often rich more, so in the installation of unnecessary effort to find 0 points, a middle position as the starting point can be, and greatly simplifies the installation and debugging difficulty. The advantage of the multi-circle absolute encoder in the length location is obvious, and it has been applied in the industrial control position more and more.Multi-Turn Encoder

High-speed End installation: installed in the Power motor shaft end (or gear connection), the advantage of this method is high resolution, because the multiple-loop encoder has 4096 ring number within this range, can fully use the full range and improve the resolution, the disadvantage is that moving objects through the gear reducer, to return to the gear gap error, Generally used for one-way high-precision control positioning, such as rolling seam control. In addition, the encoder is installed directly at the high-speed end, the motor jitter should be small, otherwise it is easy to damage the encoder.Multi-Turn Encoder

Encoder Low Speed End installation: installed in the gear reducer, such as winch wire rope reel shaft End or the last section of the Reducer gear shaft end, this method has no gear to return to the gap, measurement more direct, high precision, this method generally measured long-distance positioning, such as a variety of lifting equipment, feeding car positioning and so on.Multi-Turn Encoder