What Are The Advantages Of Rotary Encoder?

1, information technology, in addition to positioning, the control room can also know its specific location.

2, flexibility, positioning can be flexible adjustment in the control room. Convenience, safety and long life of field device: a rotary encoder with fist size can measure the interval from several Mu to several hundred meters, n stations, only need to deal with the question of the safety device of a rotary encoder (Changchun encoder), can prevent many near switches, photoelectric switches in the field mechanical device trouble, simple It was doubtful that he was hit and damaged by high temperature and water vapor. Therefore, the photoelectric encoder has no mechanical loss, so the device needs precise orientation and its service life is very long.

3. Multifunction, in addition to positioning, but also to be able to transmit far-reaching azimuth, conversion speed, frequency converter, stepper motor, etc. is particularly important.

4. Economization, with regard to multiple operating stations, the cost of only one rotary encoder, and more important equipment, protection, loss cost decreased, service life increased, its economy gradually highlighted.

Rotary encoder is divided into two types of incremental encoder absolute encoder, both have their advantages and disadvantages, incremental encoder is more general, most occasions use this. Generally speaking, absolute encoder is much more expensive, and absolute encoder has a range of measurement, so it is generally used in special needs of machine tools only more.