Working Principle Of Incremental Encoders

Incremental encoder rotating with the axis of the pulse disc has a uniformly carved grating on the disc evenly distributed in a number of light transmission and shading sections. Incremental encoder is characterized by: it does not have a fixed starting zero, the output is proportional to the increment of the angle of the pulse, the need to use a counter to count the number of pulses. So every time it turns a translucent region, it sends out a pulse signal, the counter current value plus 1, the result of the count corresponds to the increment of the angle. Therefore, the encoder is a device that converts angular displacement or linear displacement into electrical signals.

According to the method of reading out, the encoder can be divided into touch type and non-touch type. Touch type chooses brush output, one brush touches conductive area or insulating area to indicate that the condition of code is "1" or "0"; non-touch type bearing sensitive element is photosensitive element or magnetic sensitive element. The transmittance and opaque regions of photosensitive elements indicate that the status of code is "1" or "0".