Working Principle Of Multi-Turn Encoder

    Multi-loop encoder signal output has parallel output, serial output, the total line output, the output of the same type of parallel output: Absolute encoder output is a number of digital (gray code or Pure binary code), parallel output is in the interface with a number of high and low level output to represent the digital 1 or 0, for the absolute encoder, generally directly in this form of output digital, direct access to the PLC or host computer I/O interface, the output immediately, the connection is simple. Parallel output has the following problem: 1 must be a gray code, because if the pure binary code, when the data is refreshed, there may be many changes in the reading will be caused in a short time error code. 2 All interfaces must be made to ensure that the connection is good, because if there is an individual connection bad point, the point potential is always 0, resulting in a wrong code and can not be judged. 3 transmission distance can not be far, generally in one or two meters, for complex environments, preferably with isolation. 4 for the number of digits, to many core cables, and to ensure good connection, resulting in engineering difficulties, the same, for the encoder, there are many nodes at the same time output, increase the fault damage rate of the encoder.Multi-Turn Encoder
   Fieldbus-Type output Fieldbus encoder is a plurality of encoders connected together by a pair of signal lines, through the setting of address, the transmission of signals by means of communication, the reception device of the signal is only one interface, you can read multiple encoder signals. The general line encoder signal follows the RS485 physical format, its signal is arranged by the communication protocol, and there are many communication protocols all over the world. Multi-Turn Encoder
   Each has the merit, is not unified, the encoder commonly used communication stipulation has the following several kinds: Profibus, can, DeviceNet, Interbus and so on the general line encoder can save the connection cable, the receiving device interface, the transmission distance is far, in the multiple encoder centralized control situation also can save the cost greatly.Multi-Turn Encoder